A Progressive Women’s Medicine Center

Patients From all over the world come to Aya Medical clinic While the significant physiological differences between males and females have been well known for quite some time, medical developments based on the unique needs of each sex have only been made in recent years. The biological distinctions between the sexes are manifested in almost every system in the body, including the circulatory, vascular, coronary, immune, digestive, and nervous systems. In addition, studies show that medical treatments elicit different responses in men and women.

As a result, medical professionals are increasingly becoming aware that in order to provide optimal medical care, differing approaches must be used to diagnose and treat the two sexes.

Our Vision

The Aya Medical Center was founded on the principle that women’s medicine must provide a comprehensive and systemic approach specifically designed for women and based on a deep understanding of their unique biological, physiological, metabolic, hormonal and emotional needs. In its effort to become a leader in holistic medicine for women, the Center brings together an expert team of women’s health professionals under one roof. Applying a multi-disciplinary approach to every facet of women’s health, our team provides the highest quality service and addresses every diagnostic and medical need a woman might have with professionalism and empathy.

We believe that we must use every means at our disposal in order to protect and preserve a woman’s womb (uterus) at all costs.

The Aya Medical Center is famous for its uncompromising approach to saving a woman’s womb. Our experts firmly believe that every avenue must be explored and every possible solution implemented to avoid a hysterectomy.

Personnel and Services

Dr. Dov Luxman and Dr. Kobi Cohen, the founders of the Aya Medical Center, serve as its department heads.

The Aya Medical Center’s fields of expertise include:
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Gynecological Surgery using advanced surgical procedures
Gynecologic Oncology
Endometriosis Treatment
Gynecoplastic Surgery
Breast Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Cardiovascular Surgery

Within each area of expertise, the Aya Medical Center provides a variety of specialized medical services, including:
Laboratory services
Expert Opinions
Complementary medical treatments
Gynecological surgery and treatments

Surgical procedures are conducted at the Assuta Hospital in Ramat Hachayal, Israel’s leading and most advanced private hospital.

The Group Practice Model

The Aya Medical Center is built on the group practice model, which has been an enormous success in the United States. Using this model, medical decisions are made by an entire team of experts in the field of women’s medicine, rather than by a single surgeon or doctor. This method ensures that several experts will share responsibility for the patient and carefully consider every decision. By synthesizing the various experts’ knowledge and opinions, this method makes second and third opinions unnecessary. Another major advantage of the group practice model is that it instills complete confidence in diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Medical Tourism

Aya Medical Center’s International Medicine Department provides a full range of services for international visitors, including coordination of travel arrangements and translations for visitors from throughout the world.

The medical tourism services focus on screening, diagnosis, medical opinions and, of course, surgery in every medical field in which the Aya Medical Center engages.

Quality Service

As a private practice, the Aya Medical Center prides itself on the highest level of service, professionalism and empathy, with an emphasis on meeting each patient’s unique needs. This means that we treat every detail, whether large or small, with equal attention. We insist on providing a nurturing, personal environment that is warm, inviting and supportive. Our outstanding medical and administrative staff enables us to coordinate our treatments and lab work with hospitals and insurance providers on the spot. The cost of treatment is based on the recommended treatment plan.

Contact details:

Aya Medical
Habarzel 10, Building C, Floor 1
Tel – Aviv

Tel : +972-3-7646930

e-mail: [email protected]

Site: www.ayamedical.co.il